About bodybuilding


Bodybuilding has its origins in ancient Greece, where men tried their force to fight. In Rome, the gladiator’s life depended on his physical strength and abilities . Since antiquity , people have had a weakness for improving fitness and this obsession with the perfect body continued until today. If we look at Roman statues , we see that people always had idols. By 1890 Eugen Sandow appeared , the father of modern bodybuilding . If we look at Mr.Olympia winner of the 60’s ( Frank Zane ) and the current winner in 2013 ( Phil Heath ) , we see huge differences . Weight training is the basis of all sports. In any sport where strength is needed , based on improving the physical attributes … in addition to specific training … we find many bodybuilding exercises . Whether we want to shape the body or just want to grow only certain parts of the body will be doing isolation exercises - exercises in bodybuilding. If I present a few of the benefits they can offer bodybuilding , I remember : Bodybuilding increases testosterone levels , reduces cortisol levels , increase bone density , increase growth hormone production , increases muscle strength , decreases the fat ( and do not forget different appearance that it has a man lifting weights ! )

     The sport has changed forever , is and will remain the Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger , who was distinguished by extraordinary muscle mass - and its impressive stature (hence the nickname ” The Austrian Oak ” ) . Since then , practitioners of this sport ( and speaking here only of professional athletes ) must weigh more than 100 pounds of muscle with minimal fat layer , that can win a major contest ! Bodybuilding is a sport that requires very, very patient . If you’re going to do performance … if you just want to build your body , in a year or two , practicing bodybuilding , you can change your appearance a lot. If you aim the physical , bodybuilding remains the best choice again … cultrurismul is a sport that does - develop muscle mass ! Only by doing bodybuilding exercises , you can get a massive body . With isolation exercises , you’ll be able to intervene “local” - only in body areas which it considers that a change - leaving the rest of the body intact! For example, if you just want massive legs but I like the look of the rest of the body , can only do leg exercises . If you consciously train and arm yourself with patience , you can shape the body as you want! These are advantages that can give bodybuilding